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What does this Juniper Extranet for Hotels module offer you?

With Juniper Extranet for Hotels you will be able to:

  • Customize the tool with your logo and corporate colors so that the accommodation Supplier may identify your brand.
  • Provide the Supplier access credentials. Depending on the different permission levels, these users will be able to manage and edit the information of one or various properties:
    • Make price, allotment, room/meal plans and/or accommodation profile modifications.
    • Review the bookings generated for their accommodations.
  • Connect to Channel Managers, where the Supplier may manage and review directly the different parameters (cost prices, allotments, stop sales, etc.), without having to leave their regular platform.

In this way, the accommodation Supplier will independently manage the different contract settings, while assisting you in the product upload and management.

Note: You should previously upload the contract with the accommodation Supplier in the Booking Engine, through the Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation module.

Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation
Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation

Which advantages does this module bring to your business?

Thanks to the Juniper Extranet for Hotels module you will be able to:

  • Offer to the accommodation Supplier access to the Extranet to configure the different supplier contract parameters, as well as manage received bookings.
  • Contract connections with different Channel Managers.
  • Save time in management procedures thanks to the connections with the Channel Managers and/or with the accommodation Supplier, so that you may invest time and effort in your business and not in the product management.
  • View all the directly contracted product upload through a single screen, thanks to the interaction of both modules, the Juniper Directly Contracted Accommodation and Juniper Extranet for Hotels.